Workshop on Legal Research, 28-29 October-1 November 2021

The University of Luxembourg keeps supporting legal research in Laos. A three-day workshop was co-hosted online by the University of Luxembourg Inter-University Cooperation Project Laos-Luxembourg and Luxembourg Development’s Project LAO/031 dedicated to legal research methodology on 28th-29th October and 1st November 2021. The event took place via Zoom and was chaired by Dr Somdeth Keovongsack, … Continued

Online Workshop on Legal Research Guidelines, 5 Oct 2021

The University of Luxembourg is continuing to support the drafting of academic guide for legal research. On 5 October 2021, Vice-Dean Dr. Somdeth KEOVONGSACK and Dr. Perrine Simon, Liaison Officer from the University of Luxembourg led an online workshop via Zoom bringing together the seven committee members from FLP, in charge on the participatory drafting … Continued

Workshop on Plagiarism and Research ethics, Jan 2021

The Inter-University Project in partnership with LuxDev-Lao/031 has organised from 20-22 January 2021 a 3-day workshop dedicated to plagiarism and research ethics in Vang Vieng. The event in English gathered 20 FLP lecturers. This workshop took place in the framework of our support to the establishment of “Guidelines on legal research” (see). The Luxembourg Cooperation … Continued

Support to “Guidelines on Legal Research”, Nov-Dec 2020

The University of Luxembourg is supporting the elaboration of official guidelines for legal research by the Faculty of Law of NUOL. A committee of lecturers was created to draft these guidelines under the supervision of the two vice-dean of the FLP adjuncts to research. The committee is supported by the Liaison Officer of the Inter-University … Continued

First online legal research workshop, 24 April 2020

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg continues to encourage Laotian legal research during the lock-down following the Covid-19 pandemic. Pr. Stefan Braum and Dr. Perrine Simon held their first Online Legal Research Workshop on Thursday, with 6 lecturers from Faculty of Law and Political Science National University of Laos … Continued

Legal Research Seminar, 18-20 Feb 2020

In the framework of the Inter-University Cooperation project between Luxembourg and Laos, the Faculty of Law and Political Science National University of Laos welcomed a delegation from the University of Luxembourg on the 18th-20th of February 2020 for the 4th edition of the ‘Seminar on Legal Research and Methodology’. Pr. Stefan Braum, Dr. Perrine Simon … Continued

Visiting PhD researcher Andrii Hubai, Dec 2019

In the framework of the cooperation with the University of Luxembourg, the FLP had the pleasure to welcome for the second time Mr. Andrii Hubai, PhD researcher from the University of Luxembourg. Andrii shared his expertise in arbitration and foreign investments during the Annual Legal Research organised by the FLP. He also ran a workshop … Continued

Legal research seminar, 21-23 May 2019

The Inter-University Project organised the 3rd edition of its “Seminar on Legal Research and Methodology” from 21-23 of May 2019. The delegation from the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance – Luxembourg, headed by Pr. Stefan Braum, accompanied by Mr. Jean-Marc Ceci, Dr. Sofia Mirandola, Mr. Andrii Hubai and Ms. Marie Gerardy. The 3-days seminar … Continued

Workshop on “What is legal Research?”, 21 March 2019

On the 21st of March 2019, Dr. Perrine SIMON, Liaison Officer of the University of Luxembourg based in Vientiane, organized a workshop on ‘What is Legal Research?’. Around 20 teachers and members from FLP and the Research Division of NUoL attended the workshop. The workshop created a platform for attendees to learn and discuss about … Continued

Legal research Seminar, 2nd Edition, 4-7 Sept 2018

The cooperation between the University of Luxembourg and the NUOL with the Faculty of Law and Political Science (FLP) organised its second Legal Research Seminar from 4th-7th of September 2018. This was the first event organised by the newly arrived Liaison Officer Dr. Perrine SIMON, replacing Dr. Heleen De Geest. She welcomed with the FLP … Continued