The Inter-University Cooperation Project seeks to foster a genuine legal culture and reinforce best practices for law students, lecturers and researchers at the National University of Laos, and more specifically the Faculty of Law and Political Science. The ultimate goal of the Inter-University Cooperation is to create a critical mass of qualified law lecturers able to contribute to the solidification of the Rule of law in Lao PDR.

Our academic cooperation between the University of Luxembourg and the National University of Laos consists of exchanges of faculty members, including researchers, students and staff.

The purpose of these mutual exchanges is to contribute to the sustainable development of higher legal education through the effective transfer of knowledge in a transparent, participatory and ethical manner in order to enrich academic programmes, competence and capacity of individuals, lines of research and activities of both institutions. In the long-run, the Project aims at strengthening the Rule of law and justice institutions.

The Inter-University Project focuses on three areas of law: teaching, research and documentation.

As regards teaching, our actions include lectures by visiting professors, Summer and Winter Schools covering both methodological and substantive legal matters, Moot court training and support to clinical legal education, the development of online courses and a programme of student exchanges with scholarship to study in Luxembourg.

As regards research, our actions include legal research seminars focusing on methodology and sources for research in the field of law, and the direct supervision of research projects through several scholarship including a two months research stay in Luxembourg and small research grants for legal research in Laos. The Project also aims at providing PHD opportunities with grants for doctoral studies in Luxembourg. The University of Luxembourg is actively supporting young researchers in publishing their work. In 2020, we have for example successfully published a special edition of the journal Critical Quarterly for Legislation and Law dedicated to the project with contributions from both Lao and Luxembourg researchers.

As regards documentation, our actions include the development of access to relevant sources to support teaching and research. The University of Luxembourg has been developing a e-library giving access to many law and inter-disciplinary resources (electronic journals,  e-books, etc.). The use of this new tool needs to be supported through extensive training. The Project is also working on improving the collection of print books and the environment of the FLP’s library, through the acquisition of books and training of librarians.

Check our Highlights report 2017-2020

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