The University of Luxembourg has been cooperating since 2013 in the field of legal higher education with the National University of Laos, initially by organising academic missions to the Lao Faculty of Law and Political Science in Vientiane. Since 2017, the University of Luxembourg, through its Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance is actively promoting the Rule of law through legal knowledge in the framework of an Inter-University Cooperation Project (2017-2021) signed in 2015 between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

This project is a bilateral cooperation funded by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs. It is an integral part of the Indicative Cooperation Programme between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Lao People’s Democratic Republic (“Lao PDR”).

Beginning in 2017 with an initial 4-year agreement, the Project has been extended to 2024 after the successful completion of its first phase. The second phase (2021-2024) is part of the new Luxembourg general cooperation strategy for sustainable development – Road to 2030.

The Inter-University Cooperation Project aims to promote Rule of law and Good governance by focusing on enriching legal knowledge (teaching of law angle) and legal research (research in law angle) in Lao PDR, and ensuring its dissemination (documentation angle), through its support to the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the National University of Laos, who is the leading law faculty in the country.

Reflecting the new strategy of Luxembourg’s Development Cooperation of creating multi-actor partnerships, the Project allows to shape concrete synergies between universities and research centres. Our objective is to have a greater impact on improving the quality of legal higher education in Laos. The Inter-University Cooperation provides an autonomous cooperation bringing two academic institutions and follows a step-by-step approach to strengthen the capacity of Laotian law lecturers. With this pragmatic approach, the University of Luxembourg aims at fostering the legal culture and the the respect of fundamental rights in Laos.