Call for Applications Research Grants 2024-2025

The University of Luxembourg is proud to announce the opening of applications to select academic staff to undertake research in the field of law from the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the National University of Laos to pursue a research project under the supervision of the Inter-University Cooperation Project Laos-Luxembourg.


The research programme is dedicated to Lao lecturers to improve their academic and research skills in the legal field, in order to strengthen their research capacities and the capacities of the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the National University of Laos. Applicants must be lecturers at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of NUOL, with at least a Bachelor degree in law or with a strong component in law. There are no criteria in terms of age. Candidates will be selected based on merit. The University of Luxembourg will have full discretion in the selection and or rejection of the applications.

In line with the “Luxembourg General Cooperation Strategy for Sustainable Development – Road to 2030”, the Inter-University Project welcomes research proposals falling under the following themes:

  • Rule of law and governance;
  • Fundamental rights;
  • Gender equality;
  • Environment sustainability and climate protection. 


The Project will provide thorough research guidance during the grant period. The selected candidates will be supported to carry out their research and be supervised by the Project through regular meetings to share the progress of their research.

Selected candidates will be required to participate fully in capacity building activities organised by the Inter-University Cooperation (seminars, research workshops, etc) and will be asked to present their research to the public. They will also have to submit progress reports every 3 months, in accordance with the research contract signed with the University of Luxembourg.


Selected candidates will receive a grant equivalent to 1 200 EUR to complete their research.

The scholarship will be granted by to the lecturer in 4 instalments. Payment of the’ scholarship is based on merit and will be conditional on compliance with the obligations of the researcher set up in the “scholarship agreement” including in particular the submission of advancement reports every 3 months to the Liaison Officer of Inter-University Cooperation Project in Vientiane.

The candidates will be entirely responsible for the management of the funding allocated; no extra-costs will be borne by the Project.

The candidates will conduct their research from Lao PDR.

Selected candidates shall ensure that their research complies with the University of Luxembourg procedures, in particular on research ethics and plagiarism and  the guideline on Legal Research Methodologies.

The research will take the form of a paper written in English(Preferred) or Lao. The length of the final paper will be discussed with the Liaison Officer. The research must be completed within one year from the date of signing the grant contract, and the agreed research outcome submitted.

Applicants can only apply for a funding grant as an individual researcher, not as a team or institution.


The preferable language for the application is English, but it can also be written in Lao and should encompass:

– A cover letter (not to exceed 2 pages);

– A curriculum vitae with full contact details including academic experience (courses taught, previous research experience, university curriculum, etc);

– A research proposal (not to exceed 3 pages including the bibliography) the research proposal should include a description of the research topic (introduction), the hypothesis, research objectives and envisaged methodology as well as a short bibliography (15 references maximum).  

Application deadline:  26 January 2024

The pre-selected candidates will be invited for an interview.

Applications should be submitted to Paulina Baschton:   and to Patthanaphone Nammalat:

Call for application can be downloaded Here

You can look into our MOOC on Legal Research Methodology to effectively get started to design and conduct good legal research.