First research stay in Luxembourg, May 2018

In May 2018, the University of Luxembourg welcomed for the first time two Lao teachers for a research-stay of one month. It enabled Ms Thipmany Inthavong to start a research on dispute resolution in labour law (The just cause requirement in labour law, dismissal law in Laos, Comparative study analysis) and Mr Pangthong Xayyavong on ecological obligations of foreign investors in Laos in the context of international law (The Environmental Obligations of Foreign Investors in Host States).

The two lecturers had the opportunity to use the library facilities to conduct their research and to meet with Law professors to have some feedback on their intended topic. They also visited the European Court of Justice of the European Union and paid a courtesy visit the Lao embassy in Brussels (Belgium).

The research stay implies to finalise a paper under the supervision of the Liaison officer, taking the form of a law journal article in English. Mr Pangthong Xayyavong has successfuly completed his research and published his paper “Foreign Investments and Environmental Protection: the Case of Laos” in a special edition on the Inter-university project in the ‘Critical Quarterly for Legislation and Law/ Revue critique trimestrielle de jurisprudence et de législation’ (Nomos) in 2019 (see).