First Online open lecture on Evidence in Criminal Proceedings, 10 April 2020

Dr. Perrine Simon, Liaison Officer of the University of Luxembourg in Laos, gave the first online lecture of the year on the 10th of April 2020 during the lock-down in Laos. Her presentation focused on “Evidence in Criminal Proceedings”, which dealt with the importance of evidence in criminal proceedings, the burden of proof, the object of proof, as well as admissibility of evidence. The lecture was given via Zoom and attended by more than 70 participants, including students and teachers. Despite the circumstances, participants were very keen on interacting with the presenter and asked many questions via the chat!

The lecture was in English and translated in Lao by ILSTA’s Junior Program Officer, Ms. Thipphaphone Siphandone. This open lecture was part of ILSTA’s Open lectures at the Faculty of Law of NUOL, to which the University of Luxembourg contributes regularly.