Teaching Skills Workshop, 27-29 July 2022

In the framework of the Inter-University Cooperation Project, the University of Luxembourg is supporting curriculum development.

A 3-day workshop dedicated to teaching skills was organized from 27th-29th July 2022 at the Faculty of Law and Political Science, in Vientiane.

The workshop focused on legal teaching techniques and course syllabus design, taking examples from Criminal Law. This seminar was led by Prof. Yeo Meng Heong from the National University of Singapore and Prof. Chan Wing Cheong from Singapore Management University. This was complementary to the workshop on Substantive Criminal Law which took place from 18th-20th July 2022. It brought together again the lecturers from the Faculty of Law and Political Science (FLP) of the National University of Laos, the Faculty of Law and Administrative (FLA) of the Champasak University, National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Savannakhet, who had attended this previous seminar.

The training dealt in particular with how to find the right level of teaching to create an effective learning environment for students through the strengthening of teaching skills.

Sessions combined lectures and group discussions.  Participants were provided with a handout prepared by Prof. Yeo Meng Heong and Prof.Chan Wing Cheong giving in particular guidelines on teaching skills and techniques for finding the right level of law teaching through the method called Bloom’s Taxonomy and learning same as techniques for teaching in big and small classrooms, PowerPoint design, students’ participation, engagement, and assessment.

Participants discussed in groups some selected course syllabi included in the Handout and assessment plan. They looked at the differences and similarities of these syllabi to identify the pros and cons in comparison with their own syllabus and also discuss the possible integration of parts of it into the Lao curriculum.

The participation of the lecturers of the Faculty of Law and Administrative of Champassak University and of the National Institute of Justice was made possible with the financial support of the LuxDev Project LAO/031.