Online E-Library Additional and Advanced Training, 10 & 11 Nov 2021

After our basic e-library last week, the Inter-University Cooperation Project Laos-Luxembourg organised  two more additional training sessions on the 10th and 11th  for lecturers and librarians having completed their basic training previously.

The two sessions were run by Ms. Jevgenija from EIFL with the support from Dr. Perrine Simon, the Liaison Officer of the University of Luxembourg and Ms. Thongkhoon Xayyahong, the Project Assistant who were monitoring and facilitating participation.

On 10th, the trainer reviewed previous lessons before running practical sessions. 8 trainees were doing exercises by using functions and filters that the trainer assigned step by step, with the help of Mr. Dimitri for translation. At the end, they all gained useful skills and are more confident in searching E-Library.

On 11th, Ms. Jevgenija showed how to search on the E-Library by using additional functions. She gave some search tips to participants on how to create their individual account on EBSCO and save search results. She then showed them how to find and search on individual databases by using specialized and multidisciplinary e-resources (such as Oxford University Press and Heinonline). 8 participants had to complete several practical tasks. It gave them the chance to learn how to find legal resources for their teaching and research. They actively engaged with Ms. Jevgenija by asking questions and sharing their search results via Zoom features.

The e-library is an essential tool to strengthen access to knowledge and a concrete tool for teachers to prepare their classes and do research.  More e-training will be coming soon!

The E-library is a digital version of a library accessible via internet which gives access to online databases containing books (e-books), academic journals and many other resources such as magazines and newspapers.

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